Rembrandt versus Van Gogh oil paint

For studies I use Van Gogh paint. For bigger projects I choose Rembrandt. But why? Time to take a closer look at the differences. Rembrandt versus Van Gogh oil paint First of all: Van Gogh paint contains more chalk and other substances like clay.…

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4 ways to dry oil paintings faster

Damn I've painted a masterpiece but it won't dry! And I have a deadline! How can I speed up the drying time of my oil painting? First of all, accept the fact the painting won't dry within two days. Normally it will take a…

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Painting straight lines

I'm really terrible at painting straight lines. How do I do it? Watch the video below. First: I use tape to define the line. Make sure the tape is straight and prevent paint from getting under the tape by pressing the tape well.…

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